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Importing a Vehicle Into Canada

When importing a vehicle, the first thing to do is to consult the Registrar of Motor Vehicle website or give them a call at 888.848.8240 to see if Transport Canada will allow the import of your vehicle into Canada.    Many vehicles from the U.S.A. are admissible.  Vehicles from other countries are generally not allowed into Canada unless they meet certain criteria.    Contact Transport Canada for verification at 800.333.0371.


If you are importing a vehicle from the U.S.A. or from overseas our experienced staff can assist you with the freight forwarding and customs formalities. 


From the U.S.A. to Canada


Import Requirements

·         Check the Registrar of Motor Vehicles website to determine whether your vehicle is admissible into Canada.   This list will determine whether you may bring your vehicle into the country.

·         All land based self propelled vehicles require 72 hour notice submitted to U.S. Customs prior to export.  Since U.S. Customs offices have varying operating hours and procedures, contact the customs office at the border where you would like to cross to determine their specific requirements.

·         Once your vehicle has been imported into Canada you are required to have a provincial and sometimes a federal inspection done within 45 days. You will need your original Form 1 and if your vehicle is newer than 15 years old, and will require a federal inspection, you will need your Form 2 as well.  You must have all of the required modifications made to your vehicle prior to your inspections.  Check the Registrar of Motor Vehicles website for a list of different service centres in your area, where inspections can be completed.


Related Charges

·         5% GST (and any applicable provincial tax payable at the time the vehicle is insured)

·         Duty free if manufactured in North America, as well as all motorbikes

·         6.1% duty for any other passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and ATV’s manufactured outside of North America

·         $100.00 Excise Tax for in dash air conditioning

·         $1,000 - $4,000 green levy tax for some 2007 and newer model vehicles (based on fuel consumption)

·         $195.00 + GST/HST to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles


Documents Required

·         Bill of Sale

·         Original Certificate of Title or manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (front and back)

·         Recall clearance letter


 From Overseas to Canada


Import Requirements


 ·         The vehicle must be 15 years old or older based on month and year of manufacturer in order to be admissible into Canada.  You must be able to provide proof of admissibility either by the first registration date or by a letter from the manufacturing company. 


·         The vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned prior to leaving the exporting country as a soil exam will be performed by Canada Border Services Agency once the vehicle arrives in Canada.  Goods contaminated with soil are not admissible into Canada. Non-compliant vehicles will be refused entry and ordered removed from Canada at the first point of arrival (FPOA) under the authority of the Plant Protection Act and the Health of Animals Act.


Related Charges

·         5% GST (and any applicable provincial tax payable at the time the vehicle is insured)

·         6.1% duty

·         $100.00 Excise Tax for in dash air conditioning

·         $43.00 Soil Inspection

·         Any port, handling or agent fees applicable by the ocean carriers

·         Destuffing, drayage and container usage charges for vehicles arriving in an ocean container

·         All vehicles may be subject to port storage

·         Any applicable provincial tax payable at the time the vehicle is registered/insured

·         All vehicles imported from overseas will need to go through a provincial (OOP) inspection before registration can take place.


Documents Required

·         Bill of Sale or invoice

·         Foreign registration or deregistration certificate

·         English translation of the foreign registration or deregistration certificate

·         Bill of Lading


Please contact us for your vehicle importation